The Name

From watching many videos and reading blogs of people who have bought new or used boats, there always seems to be an issue with coming up with a name for the boat in a timely manner. In some cases it was last minute as the purchaser realized that they needed a name for the registration. So we decided to tackle this as we were looking for the vessel we wanted.

We thought about having to spell the name to port captains and hopefully never to the coast guard so we crossed out all the clever names that were to long or complicated to spell. We also crossed off any cleverly spelled names that were close to the original words.

We thought about our goals for living aboard which was to travel. Trying to be a little clever we looked at Latin words for travel and found Viator. We decided to use the dative singular of Viator which is Viatori. Viatori is also the masculine plural of the Italian word Viatorio which means voyage. We felt it captured our intent, wasn’t too long and when spelling over a radio it should be easily understood.

Of course going this route with the vessel name left no choice but to use Rimor for our dinghy. Rimor is latin for explore which is what we will be doing on the dinghy while we are at anchor.

Hopefully no one takes our idea before we get a chance to join everyone on the water.