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Viatori Dreaming a Little Dream…

Our dream started one sunny day in mid July of 2014 while visiting friends in Michigan. We had rented a medium size boat to motor out to an a small island near Traverse City Michigan. The trip out and the time we spent enjoying the day and company of friends seemed fairly uneventful. When we made our way to the fueling dock and maneuvered into position to refuel is when we had our epiphany moment.

When we are able to retire, why not retire and live on a boat. When I asked my wife this question I could instantly see by the look on her face that this was the single greatest idea I had ever had. We immediately started weighing the pros and cons in our head and by the time we were leaving Traverse City for the long drive home to Houston we had a lot to talk about. By the time we reached home we were both in agreement about the type of boat we wanted and were excited to start learning as much as we could about boat life.

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